ServicioMicro EntitySmall EntityLarge Entity
Preparar y Radicar Solicitud bajo PCT en USA como Autoridad Búsqueda
Radicar como PCT solicitud previamente radicada en US como Solicitud Nacional con poca o ninguna revisión
Preparar y radicar Solicitud PCT basada en una solicitud extranjera
Quote requiredQuote requiredQuote required
Preparar y radicar Fase Nacional en USA desde el exterior sin enmienda substancial (como prácticamente recibida) 1,000.001,100.001,200.00
Entering National Stage in US Receiving Office from Foreign origin with full Preliminary amendment and re drafted to the US patent practice.

Preparar y radicar Fase Nacional en USA a partir de solicitud extranjera con enmienda Preliminar completa y re escrita en el formato de práctica de USA
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Búsqueda y Opinión de Patentabilidad
Análisis y Determinación de Violación Derecho Patentes (Patent Infringement) Quote requiredQuote requiredQuote required
Análisis y Determinación de Validez de patente
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Información Importante sobre PCT y asuntos relacionados:

1. Costs in the table correspond to the outlined service and are flat rates.

2. Official Fees are excluded from the above Table. To evaluate Official Fees See or visit: and

3. For general information regarding Patent Cooperation Treaty see:

4. Service should be requested and under contract with a month of anticipation of the filing dateline.

5. Services requested with less than a month of the filing dateline requires extra charges and requires a quote.

6. Any additional service related to but not included in the service outlined will be paid by hourly rate: 125.00 for Micro and small entities and $275.00 for large entities.

7. For National Stage Applications, it is highly recommended a full review and a Preliminary amendment previous to file the Application in order to save time and money to the Client.