Servicios y Costos Solicitudes de Utilidad en Estados Unidos (USA)

  1. Solicitudes de Patentes Provisionales

A.  Servicios: Recibir y Radicar solicitud Provisional tal como recibida por Solicitante, sin revisión del texto o con revisión y enmienda No substantiva

B.  Servicio: Preparar y radicar solicitud Provisional con descripción detallada del Invento en Formato de USA
practica de US

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Información detallada sobre Solicitudes Provisionales en USA:

1. For information regarding Provisional applications see:

2. Average Costs Reported by the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) in the 2017 Report of the Economic Survey: $4,000-$4,500.00. See

3. Provisional Applications are not directed to the Examination Process. Its main purposes are (1) to allow the inventor(s) to claim priority date previous to the filing date of a non-provisional patent application filed based upon the provisional application and (2) to provide a patent pending status to the invention. For more information see: Basic Information regarding Provisional Patent Applications (Utility) at:

4. For information regarding USPTO Applicant Classifications (Large, Small, Micro) and its relationship to corresponding Official Fees, see: USPTO Applicants under Small and Micro Entities Categories- status and Official Fees Discounts at:

5. The legal life of a Provisional Application is twelve (12) months after the filing date of the Application. A non-provisional application may claim priority to the filing date of a provisional application if filed within the twelve (12) months after the provisional application has been filed.

6. USPTO Official Fees may increase if the application contains more than 100 pages.

7. Professional Fees herein presented are flat – or fixed-fees for inventions having minimal or moderate complexity and not included costs of drawings. For complex invention Clients should request a quote.

8. A provisional patent application cannot claim priority to another provisional application.

9. Since Provisional applications are NOT examined, the USPTO will accepted “as filed” however, if the provisional application does is not totally supported of the invention, meaning if its disclosure does not comply with all the legal requirements or full description of the invention- or is not enabling-, the filing date of the provisional application will be not effective as the “priority date” of the non-provisional application filed based on such provisional application. Thus, while applicant may request filing any document as a “provisional patent application” it is highly recommended that such document be prepared with a full enabling disclosure by a patent professional.

10. Thus, to be effective, a Provisional Patent Application should provide a full description of the invention- described all parts, sections or components of the invention- which enable a person skilled in the art of the invention to make and use the invention and must provide the best mode of carrying out the invention. It must include drawings if needed to properly describe the invention and any potential variation(s) or embodiments(s) of the described invention. It does not requires claims.

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