A.  Services: Preparation, Filing and Prosecution Cost for US Design Application

Applicant's ClassificationUSPTO*
Official Fees (USD)
Filing and Preparing Professional CostsProsecution Professional Cost: after filing to final determination Total Filing, Preparing and Prosecution Costs

B.  Services: After Allowance Costs for US Design Application

Applicant's ClassificationUSPTO
Official Issue Fees*
After Allowance Professional Costs for Final Review and Issue Process After Allowance Total Costs

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Please note

1. According to the 2017 American International Property Law Association Economic Survey the cost of preparing and filing a design application in the USA in 2016 fluctuated around $1,500 to $1600.00; see www.AIPLA.ORG

2. Official Fees showed above are periodically changed, please verify such fees at: https://www.uspto.gov/learning-and-resources/fees-and-payment/uspto-fee-schedule#Patent Fees. Official Filing fees will increase for application having more than 100 pages.

3. Prosecution Costs are fixed costs and include responding to services after filing and up to the Final Determination of the Office, including receiving, and responding Office Actions.

4. Drawings are NOT included in the above cost. Applicant may provide us the drawing or the costs associated with its preparation. Drawing quality in Design applications is very important and it is recommended to be prepared in a very clear and defined manner in order to expedite the patentability process. For a guide to prepare drawings and other details about Designs patents in US Practice, see: Design Patent Application Guide at: https://www.uspto.gov/patents-getting-started/patent-basics/types-patent-applications/design-patent-application-guide

5. Professional cost presented above for Filing, Preparing, Prosecution and after Allowance Process are flat or fixed fee. Although the cost for preparing responses to Office Actions- in designs and utility applications-generally depends on the complexity of the Office Action, we offered a single flat prosecution fee.

6. Professional Costs for Preparing and Filing the Application are to be paid in full at the moment of contracting the service and prior to start with the preparation of the application.

7. Professional Prosecution costs are to be paid within a month of receiving the first Office Action, approximately eighteen months after the filing.

8. After allowance costs- Official and Professional fees-are to be paid in full within a month of receiving the Notice of Allowance, and it includes a review of the allowed Application, Official Fee transmittal and sending payment confirmation to the Client. It does not included delivering of the Patent document to the Client, Assignments, Maintenance Fees Costs, Petitions, or any other extra service.