A.  Search Fees for Preliminary Trademark Search

Type of Search Costs
Preliminary Search for nominative, logo or combined trademark for one class100.00
For Additional Class90.00

B. Preparation and Filing Trademark Application

Trademark ApplicationPRTO Fee Attorney Fees
Nominative or logo or combined (nominative and logo) trademark for one class150.00295.00
Any additional class275.00285.00

C.  Prosecution Costs

Trademark Application Prosecution after filing application until final determination or Allowance, including response to Office Actions and Publication Official Fee; excluding Oppositions Matters$725
or alternatively 125.00 per hour

D.  Post Allowance Services – Applications filed under Future Use Base

Services Official Fee and Service Cost
Filing an amendment to allege use, per class160.00
Filing a request for a six-month extension of time for filing a statement of use under, per class200.00

E.  Post Registration Services

Services Official CostsService Costs
Continue Use Declaration10.00150.00
Incontestability Declaration 10.00150.00
Renewal, per class150.00300.00

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Please note

1. Costs herein disclosed are for basic Puerto Rico Trademark Services and are flat rates.

2. Services not covered herein are under hourly rates of $125.00 per hour.

3. For more information regarding Trademarks in Puerto Rico, see: https://estado.pr.gov/en/registration-of-brands-and-commercial-names/